Recent home sales in the District included the following, selected at random to indicate prices in various neighbor hoods. Northwest

Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Brown sold a home at 633 Longfellow St. for $53,500 to Mr. and Mrs James E Reid.

Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Gibson sold a home at 2903 N St. for $455,000 to John B. Coleman.

Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Bier sold a home at 2241 Observatory Pl. for $124,000 to James C. King and Lynn M. West.

R. J. Lesko and others sold a dwelling at 4418 P St. for $175,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Lay M. Fox.

F. A. Levering IV sold a residennce at 448 R St. for $72,000 to Robin Bell and Kim C. Dine.

W. P. Carpenter and others sold a home at 52 Randolph Pl. for $55,000 to John G. Schaber.

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Chapman sold a house at 32 Seaton Pl. for $45,000 to Richard Cunnien and Gordon Luhman.

Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Allen Jr. sold a house at 1794 Verbena St. for $130,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Reed.

R. S. Wagner sold a home at 4749 Whitehaven Pkwy. for $215,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Smith ii. Northeast

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Rees sold a dwelling at 330 S. Carolina Ave. for $138,500 to Susan W. Wagner.

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Newsome sold a home at 3770 1st St. for $76,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Jerro Shaw.

L. A. Winkler sold a home at 408 5th St. for $161,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Beach.

Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Taube sold a dwelling at 534 9th St. for $108,000 to Yoshiaki and Patricia C. Shimizu and Robert J. Cuyler.

Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Kirk sold a home at 433 17th St. for $68,000 to Preston W. Brown and Purita M. Baulberto.

Mr. and Mrs. S. Itscoitz sold a home at 1729 38th St. for $77,000 to Verlene H. Dixon.

Mr. and Mrs. W. l. Caeter sold a home at 115 47th St. for $35,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Parker Jr. Southeast

H. W. Gregory sold a residence at 2220 30th St. for $80,000 to Willie F. Freeman ad Yvonne L. Blanchard.

Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Timlin sold a house at 1925 33rd St. for $79,500 to Mr. and Mrs. George Rucker.