Recent acerage and estate sales in Fauquier County included the following, selected at random from data furnished by Deed Fax, a Manassas, Va. realty publishing firm:

America Inc., sold a 1,252-acre tract known as Clover Hill, on Route 691, Marshall district, for $1.75 million to Clover Hill Properties, a Netherland Antilles corporation.

Thomas M. Evans and spouse sold a property with 132 acres on Route 624, Scott district, for $850,000 to Blenville Co., a Netherland Antilles corporation.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hume Gardner sold a 466-acre parcel on Route 732 and 737, near Orlean, for $1 million to Technichem Inc.

Margaret D. Grayson, sold a 26-acre property on Route 810, Scott district, for $238,500 to Mr. Edgar Mills Jr.

Gus A. Treuke sold a property with 33 acres on Route 647, seven miles west of Marshall, for $110,000 to Russell Scott Armstrong and others.

Scott Joint Venture sold a property with 272 acres on Route 674, near Georgetown, for $536,954 to William A. Hazel, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Lehman P. Nickell sold an 88-acre property on Route 702, three miles west of The Plains, for $262,500 to Mr. and Mrs. William M. Hackman.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Barnes sold a property with 18 acres on Route 707, near The Plains, for $160,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Ricard R. Ohstrom.

Mr. and Mrs. F. Preston Pulliam sold a 134-acre tract on Routes 674 and 678, Center district for $400,827 to the Owens Corp.

Phoebe Spilman Levering and spouse sold a property with 76 acres on Springs Rd., Marshall, for $109,000 to Sally Spilman Tufts.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Stewart Hanback sold a 100-acre property known as "McSpadden Farm" on Route 661, Bealeton, for $145,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Barb.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Thompson sold a residence property on Route 651, Sumerduck, for $97,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Linton.

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Eicher Jr., sold a home on Route 616, two miles from Calverton, for $135,000 to Mr. and Mrs. William G. Fendley III.