Recent acreage and commercial land sales in Loudoun County included the following, selected from information furnished by Deed Fax, a Manassas, Va. realty publishing firm:

Wytex Corp. sold a 142-acre property on Route 607, Broad Run, for $280,000 to D. Gichner, trustee.

Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Frazer sold a 55-acre tract on Routes 711 and 738 Jefferson district, for $99,600 to Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Sharp.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Derr III sold a 10-acre property on Route 738, Jefferson district, for $143,000 to Marlene C. Greve and others.

L. Goodman, trustee, sold a commercial property with 12 acres on Route 773, Leesburg, for $1.9 million to Rehau Plastiks, Inc.

Hastening Farm Ltd. sold 178 acres on Route 626, Mercer district, for $356,000 to Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Cheatham.

Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Lewis sold a 30-acre property on Route 723, Mt. Gilead district, for $258,500 to C. T. Williams.

A. L. B. DeZerega III and others sold a 145-acre tract on Route 15, Leesburg area, for $700,000 to Rust Communications Group, Inc.

L. D. Phillips sold a 309-acre property on Routes 643 and 653, Leesburg area, for $686,600 to D. J. O'flaherty and others. $130;Picture VACATION HOMES-Photos and floor plans for 38 vacation homes, including the one shown above, are offered in a selection that includes varied styles. Some of the houses are suited for year-around living. Specify Vacation Home Ideas Book No. A-38 and send $3.25 by check or money order to Steve Ellingson, Box 2383, Van Nuys, Calif. 91409. Allow several weeks for delivery.