Recent condominium dwelling sales in Prince George's County included the following, selected at random to indicate values in various communities.

Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Sweeney sold a dwelling in the Andover Heights project, 12803 Claxton Dr., Laurel, for $53,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Morris.

Allwin Building Corp. sold a condo residence in the firm's Arbory project, 7534 Arbory Way, Laurel, for $42,990 to Charles W. Seymer.

LD. Mondics sold a condo unit in the Charlestowne Village complex, 7914 Lakecrest Dr., Greenbelt, for $44,250 to Lawrence W. Johnson.

W.J. Sampar sold a unit in Chelsea Woods, 8443 Greenbelt Rd., Greenbelt, for $28,050 to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Miller.

Mr. and Mrs. D.J. Motta sold a unit in the Cherry Glen project, 11200 Cherry Hill Rd., Beltsville, for $35,500 to David S. Kehoe.

E.B. Pinkos sold a condo dwelling in the Greenbriar building, 7704 Hanover Pkwy., Greenbelt, for $37,500 to Violet L. Toledano.

Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Amerling sold a residence in the Huntley Square project, 3335 Huntley Square Dr., Temple Hills, for $33,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Garber.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H.A. Haskins sold a dwelling in Iverson Square, 3817 28th Ave., Temple Hills, for $29,000 to Adrienne D. Lassiter.

Mr. and Mrs. K.D. Barnes sold a dwelling in the Lynhill building, 3107 Good Hope Ave., Temple Hills, for $26,500 to Camorra J. Robinson.

Clara Bohan sold a dwelling in Treetop, 10109 Prince Pl., Upper Marlboro, for $25,900 to David E. Roberts.