Recent acreage and estate sales in Fanquier County included the following, selected at random from information furnished by Deed Fax, a Manassas realty publishing firm.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Campbell sold a 542-acre estate on Rte. 698, four miles from The Plains, for $950,000 to Louis E. Capt and others.

Athalie R. Clarke and others sold "Byrnely Farm," about one-half mile from The Plains, and having about 360 acres, for $2 million to the Raljon Corp.

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Furcron and others sold a property with 211 acres known as "The Glebe" on Rte. 55, one mile west of The Plains, for $595,000 to The Forum of Inglewood, Inc.

Rosita Whiteman and others sold 173 acres on Rte. 713, Scott district, for $303,000 to Maxwell Harway, trustee.

Roberta Lee Smythe sold a 90-acre tract on Rte. 686, Scott district, for $480,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Rudd.

Texas Farm Associates sold a 962-acre parcel off Rte. 688, near Hume, for $1.25 million to Old Dominion Associates.

Mary Swan Sprague Iselin sold an 89-acre property off Rte. 681, five miles from Warrenton, for $386,670 to Nancy I. Marburg and others.

Elsie J. McCoy sold a 293-acre property on Rte. 655, Lee District, for $320,000 to Wyatt B. Durrette Jr. and others.

Beth Ione Howard, trustee, sold a 292-acre property on Rte. 28, at Bealeton, for $315,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Jones.

Mary Lee Robinson sold a property with eight acres on Rte. 643, Center district, for $167,000 to Mr. and Mrs. G. Stewart Phillips.

S.J.Bell sold a 728-acre property, Scott district, for $1 million to Virginia Outdoors Foundation.

Brook Hill Farm, Inc. sold a property with 171 acres, on Mt. Defiance Rd. off Rte. 50, Scott district, for $1.7 million to Mr. and Mrs. John D. Vazzana.