Mount Vernon Realty has affiliated with the North Carolina-based Government Employees Real Estate, a relatively new association that offers special realty transaction rates to members.

Howard Rooks, president of Mount Vernon, said that his firm has made a broker agreement to represent GERA in this area and to set up a regional network of affiliations with other brokers in Virginia, Maryland, the District, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Mount Vernon has 20 offices in this area.

Rooks said that GERA membership afiliations, available for $3, enable persons to obtain a credit on commissions involved in selling a house and a credit on settlement charges when buying. Individual memberships are restricted to federal, state and municipal employes, members of the military services and veterans.

Based in Fayetteville, N.C., GERA is an association of individual brokers across the country. Rooks said that the association, organized last year and headed by Fayettesville Realtor Guy Ciampi, already has broker affiliates in North Carolina, Virginia, Southern California and Texas.

Rooks said that full-service brokers pay a continuing fee to be associated with GERA, which will offer inter-city relocation services to buyers and sellers of houses. He also called GERA "more an association than a franchise," permitting individual brokers to retain their identity while being associated with GERA.