Recent home sales in the District of Columbia included the following, selected at random to indicate prices in various neighborhoods. Northwest

Barrett M. Linde and others sold a dwelling at 5302 MacArthur Blvd. for $197,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Craighead.

Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Reynolds sold a house at 1330 Quincy St. for $59,900 to Benoit O. Brookens and Edna J. Lee.

Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Beckles sold a home at 601 Sheridan St. for $45,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. White.

Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Wright Jr. sold a house at 1860 Upshur St. for $137,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses G. Auger II.

J. A. Hawkins and others sold a residence at 4630 4th st. for $55,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Silford Dennis. Southwest

Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Mazeika sold a home at 110 14th St. for $110,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon L. Schreiberg. Northeast Mr. and Mrs. W. Johnson sold a home at 3358 Blaine St. for $52,675 to Dianne Hampton and Hattie M. Johnson.

L. M. Johnson sold a house at 1410 Lawrence St. for $48,000 to James C. Benfield.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hauser sold a home at 1155 Neal St. for $46,000 to James and Everlean Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Guttmann sold a residence at 639 Oglethorpe St. for $67,900 to Mr. and Mrs. Reginald G. Wilber.

M. L. Bailey sold a home at 1159 3rd st. for $37,000 to Charlene Pope.

D. J. Alspach sold a home at 533 9th St. for $77,500 to URBAN C. Lehner. Southeast

W. D. Stewart Jr. sold a home at 213 Atlantic St. for $37,500 to Gwendolyn H. Edwards.

Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Straughn sold a dwelling at 2519 Stanton Rd. for $50,000 to Elizabeth Riddick and Pamela D. Morgan.

E. Taylor sold a home at 1624 U St. for $38,000 to Laura M. Murray.

Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Cotter sold a home at 1229 Walter Pl. for $78,250 to Patricia L. Shebest.

E. A. Lucas sold a house at 1529 23rd St. for $49,500 to ARTHUR C. Bernard-Jones.