A one-story house with special features for physically handicapped persons is for sale at the St. Charles community in Charles County, Md.

Built by Oakridge Housing Corp., which is offering other standard $70,000-range detached houses in the Wakefield neighborhood of St. Charles, the house adapted for a handicapped occupant has wide hallways, an over-sized bathroom and hand-grips on doors. The vanity sink has room for a wheelchair to be rolled close to it. The house can be built with two, three or four bedrooms.

Builder Norman Zagret, a Bethesda resident who heads Oakridge Housing, said that the house was designed with paraplegics in mind but also would comfortable accommodate persons with arthritis or heart conditions.

The house, which is being marketed by Harrison Realty of Waldorf, has 1,400 square feet of living area, a one-car garage and utility room.

Zagret said that he got the idea for a model for handicapped persons from a friend who developed similar houses in Tampa, Fla. "My friend has a good response so I drew up a set of plans adapting his plans to this area. I hope there is a market here," he said.

Realty broker Thomas Harrison said that one of the houses is being planned for a Charles County librarian who is confined to a wheelchair as a result of a serious automobile accident. "She wants a greenhouse area and we plan to deliver that with the semi-customized house," Harrison added.

St. Charles is a 8,500-acre new community near Rtes. 5 and 301, south of Waldorf, Opened 12 years ago, St. Charles now has more than 13,000 residents.