Recent residential condominium sales in Montgomery County included the following, selected at random to indicate values in various communities.

Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Hall sold a condo at 7851 Airpark Rd., Gaithersburg, for $49,500 to Mr. and Mrs. William E. Knight.

M. R. Solomon sold a dwelling at 3844 Bel Pre Rd., Silver Spring, for $34,000 to Evelyn M. Rose.

Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Peltier sold a condo at 419 Christopher Ave., Gaithersburg, for $55,000 to Diane R. Pembleton.

Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Doell sold a condo unit at 128 Duvall La., Gaithersburg, for $42,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Shoemaker, Jr.

M. N. Barber sold a dwelling at 1806 East-West Hwy., Silver Spring, for $52,000 to Suzan R. B. Daley.

Rockville Grosvenor Inc. sold a condo at 10401 Grosvenor Pl., Rockville, for $75,250 to Peggy V. Billhimer.

Kenwood Forest Associates sold a dwelling at 6662 Hillandale Rd., Chevy Chase, for $126,990 to Ramsey Wood.

PSC Corp. sold a dwelling at 1900 Lyttonsville Rd., Silver Spring, for $58,660 to Frances C. Hannan.

Mr. and Mrs. W. M. MacHale sold a dwelling at 575 Thayer Ave., Silver Spring, for $30,500 to Mr. and Mrs. James M. Scanlon.