Recent residential condominium sales included the following, selected at random to provide an indication of prices in various projects:

Calvert Street Associates sold a dwelling at 1957-B Calvert St. NW for $88,400 to Mr. and Mrs. Rolando R. Saldane.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Keeling sold a condo unit at 2029 Connecticut Ave. NW for $270,000 to Madaleine R. Cury.

The Investors Group Development Corp. sold a dwelling in the building at 5410 Connecticut Ave., NW for $63,100 to Kristina Parvaneh and Samad Hafezi.

B. P. Pillion Jr. sold a dwelling at 3051 Idaho Ave. NW for $110,000 to Mahmoud Patirai and Shahle Kobre Panbehchi.

The Bedford Corp. sold an apartment at 4570 MacArthur Blvd. NW for $39,500 to Allen M. Rodriquez.

Cathedral Corp. sold a dwelling at 1330 New Hampshire Ave. NW for $48,500 to Elizabeth A. Marvin.

Webster House Limited Partnership sold a unit in the firm's building at 1718 P St. NW for $27,250 to Sophis Menatos.

Middle States Knowlton Development Corp. sold a dwelling at 1615 Q St. NW for $65,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Breathill.

Grasslands Inc. sold a condo at 3219 D. Sutton Pl. NW for $126,000 to Austin J. Doyle Jr. and Marian F. Murphy.

3110 Wisconsin Avenue Corp. sold a dwelling at 3110 Wisconsin Ave. NW for $110,650 to Edward M. Shumsky.

David Clark & Associates Inc. sold a dwelling at 1325 13th St. NW for $92,785 to Michael P. Sullivan.

Meridian Newton Partnership sold a dwelling at 3420 16th St. NW for $48,500 to Eva M. Gavillan.

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Oliver sold a dwelling at 2040-A Fort Davis St. SE for $48,500 to Dorothy L Butler.

C. Williams sold a dwelling at 700 Seventh St. SW for $62,500 to Janice O. Mapp.