Recent house sales in the District of Columbia included the following, selected at random to indicate prices in various neighborhoods. Northwest

Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Santamour Jr. sold a dwelling at 5808 Broad Branch Rd. for $100,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Khateeb S. Lateef.

Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Croston sold a house at 1212 Girard St. for $96,990 to Michael Seidman and Lynda A. Couvillion.

Barrett M. Linde and others sold a home at 3814 Klingle Pl. for $250,000 to John M. Hatch.

C. Duarte and others sold a dwelling at 1812 Newton St. for $125,000 to Richard D. Farmer and Kathleen Bond.

G. M. McHugh sold a house at 3403 Ordway St. for $117,600 to Kathleen E. Frazer and Lester M. Salamon.

A. G. Petite sold a dwelling at 748 Park Rd. for $56,000 to James E. Brooks.

Mr. and Mrs. C. Williams sold a house at 1208 Shepherd St. for $44,000 to Flora E. Hold and Clara C. M. Carter.

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Morrison sold a house at 3625 T St. for $123,000 to Jeanne Holzgrefe and Glenn Westley.

Mr. and Mrs. A. G. DeRocco sold a residence at 2724 Unicorn La. for $299,000 to Linda A. Green

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Danforth sold a property at 3500 Williamsburg La. for $550,000 to Wajnat Yehya-Hashem and Arab S. Hashem.

Mr. and Mrs. G. M. J. Smarr Jr. sold a home at 5004 5th St. for $67,000 to Deborah A. and Stephen G. Hawkins. Northeast

D. L. Young sold a home at 321 Adams St. for $71,000 to Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Myers.

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Scott sold a home at 5302 Chillum Pl. for $64,000 to Charles T. Robinson.

Mr. and Mrs. P. Little sold a house at 46 Crittenden St. for $42,000 to Carolyn M. Jones.

Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Parker sold a house at 1522 Hamlin St. for $83,000 to Rita F. Bergman.

H. L. Middleton sold a dwelling at 1219 Jackson St. for $52,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Anderson Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Earl sold a home at 1249 Mt. Olivet Rd. for $35,000 to Lorraine Z. Cooper.

Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Jordon sold a house at 1815 Varnum St. for $87,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Simmons Jr.

A. N. Butler sold a house at 1708 Third St. for $55,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Denniston.

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Williams sold a house at 837 52nd St. for $27,000 to Juanita B. Taliaferro. Southeast

E. A. Dacy sold a house at 1346 Barnaby Ter. for $53,950 to Mr. and Mrs. Willie K. Sean.

S. L. Saesar sold a dwelling at 5358 Bass Pl. for $45,500 to Mr. and Mrs. James H. Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Stilley sold a home at 1202 D. St. for $62,000 to Mary J. Wignot.

Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Hayes sold a house at 530 Oakwood St. for $45,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Maggett Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Stelly sold a home at 3912 First St. for $38,500 to Perry L. Larts.

Mr. and Mrs. P. Jones sold a house at 3212 Fourth St. for $47,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Jeffry Toney.

L. McClain sold a dwelling at 731 10th St. for $70,000 to James G. Trulove.

L. D. Feathers sold a house at 507 12th St. for $223,700 to Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Einstein.