Real estate sales that took place in the District in December and January included the following:

The Shoreham Hotel at 2500 Calvert St. NW was sold to Shoreham Associates Limited Partnership for $35 million.

The Sunderland apartments, 1301 20th St. NW sold for $7 million to Sunderland Apartments Tenants Association.

The Georgetown Inn at 1310 Wisconsin Ave. NW was sold for $6.8 million to 1310 Wisconsin Ave. Associates.

The District's urban renewal agency sold a large site at Sixth Street and Maryland Avenue SW for $4.7 million to Ocean View Development Co.

Government Services Inc. (GSI) recently sold its former headquarters at 1135 21st St. NW for $3.1 million to Two Lafayette Centre Associates.

An apartment building at 1336 Missouri Ave. NW was sold for $1.3 million to Oliver A. Cowan Jr.

A parcel of land at 1301 H St. NW was sold for $1.5 million to L.J. Development Associates.

An investment property at 1605 New Hampshire Ave. NW was sold for $1.1 million to 1607 Associates.

The Argentine government bought a commercial property at 630 Indiana Ave. NW for $700,000.

An apartment building at 4584 MacArthur Blvd. NW was sold for $730,000 to Bromily Associates.

A price of $965,000 was paid by Portsmouth Associates Inc. for apartments at 1735 New Hampshire Ave. NW.

Pryde Investments NW and others sold an apartment building at 1133 13th St. NW for $645,000 to Alternative Development Inc.

An apartment building at 1341 Howard Rd. SE was sold for $418,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel C. Parker. Federal Reserve staff analyses were predicting a significant quickening