The new owners of a complex of four apartment buildings on North Meade, North Nash and 12th streets in Rosslyn are about to convert the buildings to condominium ownership. Tenants of the 114-unit complex have been given 90 days to move, but will be offered discounts if they wish to buy units after renovation, the owners said.

CBI Fairmac and investor-builder Shelton Zuckerman bought the 27-year-old properties, located near the Rosslyn Metro station, for $3.25 million from the Theodore Heitmueller family. A tenant association was unable to complete negotiations for the purchase.

J.D. Lee, a Fairmac executive, said tenants have been told to vacate so an extensive rehabilitation can be undertaken. The buildings will be air-conditioned, the boilers replaced and kitchens and bathrooms renovated, he said.

Colette Collier, a resident of one of the four buildings said a deputy director of the tenant organization, confirmed that the group tried unsuccessfully to buy the property, which is near the Iwo Jima monument.

"I pay $192 for my one-bedroom apartment and will be unable to find another comparable rental unit for anything like that," Collier said.

Lee said that Madge DiNitto Associates of Boston, a consulting firm, has been hired to help tenants in relocating. He said normal relocation aid is $380 per unit, plus an additional $100 if the tenant finds a place without help. Some federal rent subsidy tenants will be given a monthly allowance for a year at their new locations.

Six tenants have already signed up to buy units, Lee said. He added that tenants are getting discounts of $3,000 on units, which will be priced from $50,000 to $80,000.