Recent acreage and estate sales in Loudoun County, selected at random from data furnished by Deed Fax, a Manassas realty publishing firm, included these:

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Martin sold an estate with 413 acres known as "Catesby" on Rte. 743, Mercer district, for $1.5 million to Town Services Ltd.

Mr. and Mrs. S. Graham sold a 426-acre estate on Rte. 782, Mt. Gilead district, for $1.1 million to Franklin Farm.

B. M. Fried, trustee, sold a 138-acre property on Rte. 50, Broad Run district, for $549,400 to Rose B. Lee.

Virginia Stallion Station, Inc. sold a 115-acre tract on Rte. 50, Mercer district, for $550,000 to R. B. McKay and others and Elysium, N.V.

Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Pope Jr. and others sold a property with 153 acres on Rte. 616, Broad Run district, for $260,200 to L. J. Shockey and others.

Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Lischinsky sold a property with 17 acrs on Rte. 636 and Sully Rd. for $258,000 to H. R. Evans, trustee.

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Williams sold a 23-acre parcel at the intersection of Rtes. 681 and 673, Lovettsville district, for $132,000 to D. H. Moyes.

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Joyle sold a 59-acre property on Rte. 7 near Country Club Hills for $199,400 to Halifax Investments, Ltd.