Recent condominium sales in the District of Columbia included the following, selected from information furnished by Rufus S. Lusk & Son, Inc.: Northwest

Towers Limited Partnership sold a unit at 4201 Cathedral Ave. for $171,000 to Kathleen M. Yochelson.

Carlton Towers Associates sold a dwelling at 2829 Cathedral Ave. for $28,182 to Stephen E. and Arthur Waldhorn.

K. L. Moody and others sold a condo at 3616 Connecticut Ave. for $83,000 to Neal Goldfarb and Claudia Schur.

P. Evans sold a condo at 1718 Corcoran St. for $63,250 to Gary A. Klein.

Meridian Hill Condominium sold a dwelling at 1454 Euclid St. for $83,000 to James C. Holmes and Timothy A. Sabin.

Mr. Mrs. W. R. Morris Jr. sold a dwelling at 2201 L St. for $56,800 to Niove Kyparissiotis.

Chateau Corp. sold a condo at 2710 Macomb St. for $43,750 to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Bosco.

Cathedral Corp. sold a dwelling at 1330 New Hampshire Ave. for $60,000 to Fred Jacob.

Jefferson House Tenants Association sold a condo at 922 24th St. for $42,926 to Richard F. Adelmann. Southwest

Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Dimsey sold a condo at 235 G St. for $103,000 to Michael J. Kelly and Nevin A. Pealer.

Eureka Investment Corp. sold a dwelling at 1250 Fourth St. for $36,000 to Robert A. Ackerman.

E. Layne and others sold a dwelling at 700 Seventh St. for $80,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Ahmad R. Esfandiary. Northeast

Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Brown sold a dwelling at 3120 Cherry Rd. for $63,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Frye. Southeast

D. Lovelace sold a dwelling at 4000 E St. for $29,960 to Dorothey V. Parker.

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Murphy sold a condo at 510 Ridge Rd. for $32,000 to Brigette M. and Lizette H. Rouson.

Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Phillips sold a dwelling at 2108 Suitland Ter. for $49,000 to Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hawkins.