Recent condominium sales in Alexandria included the following selected at random from data compiled by Rufus S. Lusk & Son, Inc.:

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Utting sold a condo in the Alexandria Knolls project, 6101 Edsall Rd., for $82,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Reed.

Mr. and Mrs. F. X. O'Brien sold a dwelling in the Beauregard Heights complex, 630 N. Armistead St., for $124,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Cheatham.

G. F. Britt Jr. sold a condo in the Edsall Bluff project, 6143 Edsall Rd., for $64,950 to Corey W. Hart and Robert G. Ganzmiller.

Mr. and Mrs. Krosrow Dashtaray sold a condo in the Forty-Six Hundred Building, 4600 Duke St., for $50,000 to Korosh Arabshanin.

N. H. Huhn sold a dwelling in The Foundations, 301 N. Beauregard St., for $63,000 to Sylvia C. Young.

Mr. and Mrs. T. E. May sold a condo at 200 S. Fairfax St. for $96,500 to Susan and Diana Cummings.

M. M. Banker sold a dwelling at Landmark Plaza, 6301 Stevenson Ave., for $62,000 to Teresa F. Nelson.

S. D. Holliman sold a dwelling in Mayflower Square, 5904 Mayflower Ct., for $57,000 to Sophia T. Delaume.

Oak Cluster Associates sold a condo in the Oak Cluster project, 49 W. Del Ray Ave., for $132,500 to Thomas J. Korge.

Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Galanti sold a dwelling in Parkfairfax, 3609 Greenway Pl., for $75,000 to Gordon H. Glenn.

Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Cookmeyer-Wood sold a dwelling in the Seasons, 431 N. Armistead St., for $46,000 to Norma Anne Michaelides.

S. M. Ellsworth, trustee, sold a dwelling in the Shad Row complex, 568 N. St. Asaph St. for $124,900 to John D. Sharer.

Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Ugolick sold a dwelling at Watergate-at-Landmark, 203 Yoakum Pkwy., for $95,000 to Velda Franklin.