Recent sales of new condominium dwelling units in the District of Columbia included the following, selected at random from data furnished by Rufus S. Lusk & Son, Inc.: Northwest

Towers Limited Partnership sold a condo unit at 4201 Cathedral Ave. for $94,900 to Charles L. Freed.

D.C. Housing Industry Corp. sold a dwelling at 55 M St. for $37,806 to Dorothy D. Thomas.

Dupont West Associates sold a dwelling at 2141 P St. for $115,000 to Joann Lewinsohn.

Randolph Inc. sold a condo at 941 Randolph St. for $38,500 to Mary A. Carrington.

David Clark & Associates sold a unit at 1325 13th St. for $116,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. N. Fitch.

Odyssey Co. sold a dwelling at 2001 16th St. for $49,000 to Kenneth W. Weinstein.

Dupont Development Co. sold a dwelling at 1704 19th St. for $142,000 to Harvey A. Yampolsky.

Monroe House Tenant Association sold a condo at 522 21st St. for $58,371 to Henry and Elizabeth W. Romanek.

Flour Mill Limited Partnership sold a condo at 1015 33rd St. for $198,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Shine Jr. Southwest

Eureka Investment Co. sold a condo at 1250 Fourth St. for $64,700 to Martha A. Bertrand. Northeast

University Hall Associates sold a condo at 3000 Seventh St. for $41,500 to Mary E. Kenel and Diane A. Pecor.