Recent condominium dwelling sales in Fairfax County included the following, selected at random from information furnished by Rufus S. Lusk & Son, Inc.

A. E. James sold a condo unit in the Annadale Gardens project, 4110 Mangalore Dr., Annandale, for $31,500 to Richard Semmler.

L. C. Sullivan sold a dwelling at Bentley Village, 7928 Hooes Rd., Springfield for $64,500 to Jill E. Pettibone.

L. S. DuBro sold a condo in the Cardinal Forest complex, 8553B Dunham Ct., Springfield, for $55,000 to Sandra M. Buerle and others.

P. A. Abrignani sold a dwelling in The Colonies, 7700 Tremayne Place, McLean, for $68,900 to Alice H. Pittenger.

Mr. and Mrs. S. X. Vagnerini sold a dwelling at Fairfax Heritage, 4381 Americana Dr., Annandale, for $48,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin S. Rubin.

G. D. Thirion and others sold a condo dwelling at the Foxcroft project, 9455 Arlington Blvd., Fairfax, for $49,000 to Jerrie A. Stewart.

D. H. Randall sold a dwelling at The Heritage, 7900 Iverton Rd., Annandale, for $71,500 to Mr. and Mrs. John T. Larsen.

K. Stripling sold a condo at Hunters Woods, 11811 Breton Ct., Reston, for $47,000 to D. James Sturgill.

ADC Fairways sold a unit at Ivymount, 4345 Ivymount Ct., Annandale, for $46,500 to Alice G. Hall.

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Petty sold a condo in the Keene Mill Woods project, 6365 Birch Leaf Ct., Burke, for $65,000 to Gary C. Dybvig and other.

E. F. Milstead sold a condo in the Lifestyle project, 623 Center St., Herndon, for $41,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Ryan I. Carter.

J. G. Duffy sold a condo in Mosby's Landing, 2522 Glengyle Dr., Vienna, for $60,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Zollner.

Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Hannegan sold a condo in Pinewood Lawns, 8506 Inyo Ct., Alexandria, for $51,500 to James B. Oates.

G. K. Folgner sold a condo in the Ivy Oak project, 1767 Ivy Oak Sq., Reston, for $63,000 to Linda J. Watson.

Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Keyes sold a condo in The Rotonda, 8360 Greensboro Dr., McLean, for $89,250 to Hedy Tan and others.