Recent home sales in the District of Columbia included the following, selected at random from data furnished by Rufus S. Lusk & Son, Inc. Northwest

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Moon sold a home at 3205 Adams Mill Rd. for $96,000 to Davey M. Jones and Margaret Winn.

Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Brown sold a house at 239 Elm St. for $44,000 to Joseph W. Lane Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Tundermann sold a home at 1713 Hobart St. for $127,000 to Mr. and Mrs. John R. O'Donnell.

J. A. Goch Jr. sold a house at 4119 Illinois Ave. for $65,000 to Gerald D. and Gladys J. Lewis. Northeast

Mr. and Mrs. W. Epstein sold a house at 715 A. St. for $128,275 to Steven M. Walters and Pamela A. Joyner.

M. B. Johnson sold a dwelling at 226 Ascot Place for $68,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Short.

B. C. Wiley sold a house at 1667 Rosedale St. for $58,000 to James Perry Jr. and Frances M. Smith. Southeast

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Green sold a house at 4343 F St. for $46,500 to Sarah B. Hicks and Deborah K. Matos.

A. R. Wynn sold a dwelling at 2705 22nd St. for $67,500 to Mr. and Mrs. James C. Montgomery.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Rosenbloom sold a dwelling at 9 Galveston St. for $58,000 to Mr. and Mrs. James Gray Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Manes sold a home at 1213 Walter St. for $131,000 to Jean Peters and Jerelyn Eddings.