Counting the number of doors between your room and the nearest fire exit staircase could save your life in a hotel fire, the U.S. Fire Administration advises.

After you check in, count the number of doors to the stairwell in the hallway and remember the number, because elevators cannot be used when fire breaks out and thick smoke fills a hallway, people have to crawl to the nearest fire exit, the administration says.

While you are in the room, leave your hotel key on the bedside table so that it can be grabbed in a hurry. Put a rubber band on it so it can be worn around your wrist. Once you are alerted that there is a fire in a hotel, take the key and go to the door. If the door feels cool, open it a crack but be ready to close the door if hot air, smoke or flames rush through the crack. If the hall is hazy with smoke, crawl down the hallway counting the doors to the nearest fire stairway exit, the adminstration says.

Other fire safety tips:

Close the door when you leave to keep fire from spreading, and alert others by pulling the fire alarm.

If you are trapped in your room, fill the bathtub with cold water and use the water to wet towels or the door.

Stuff wet towels or clothing under and around the hotel room door to keep smoke out.

If you have opened a window, hang a light-colored bedspread outside to signal for help.