The final response to our 1980-81 charity campaign for Children's Hospital has been overwhelming, to say the least. Thank you all very much.

Letters from 232 concerned District Liners brought in a last minute total of $6,019.79 in anonymous contributions.

The final tally from area groups and employers was just as outstanding. So many sent messages of their concern that I'll be hard pressed to mention them all, let along do them justice. Unfortunately, I'll have to list the contributions without comment.

The "kids" at the Fairfax City Baskin-Robbin, $5; the Lincolnia Park Trio, $10; the students at Wayside Elementary School, $15; the Minerals and Metals Div. of USITC, $15; Hawkeye Art Services, $20, and the VITA Publications Department, $20.

Checks for $25 arrived from members of St. Timothy's CYO Community Services Committee and from EG&G Automotive Research Inc.'s Virginia Testing Laboratory. The Order of William IV sent $30, and $39.60 came from members of Bethel No. 10, International Order of Job's Daughters. The 55th Organizational Maintenance Squadron and the Labor Department's Office of Fiduciary Standards each donated $40. The Thursday Night Ladies Bridge Club in Reston added $42.55.

Sending $50 were: the FHA-HERO Club of Manassas Park High School; the Grace Episcopal Church Junior Altar Guild; DOT's Procurement Operations Division; the Myer's Memorial Bible Class of the Riverdale Presbyterian Church; and "the supervisors of the LSM Tour I, MPO."

GSA's Technical Field Office, Heating Operation and Transmission Area, $63; students at Forest Heights Elementary School, $71.60; stockbrokers at the Paine Webber's Silver Spring office,$80; women of Nativity Parish in Burke, $100; Greater Newington Women of Springfield, $100; the D.C. Department of Disabled American Veterans, $100; the Fraternal Order of Police, V.A.H. Lodge 2FDC, $100; the AIRES project of DIA, $106; Sigma Data Services Labor Department contract employes, $108; the National Coal Association, $145; the Comptroller's Office of the CIA, $175, and the Operations Support Computing Division at Goddard, $204.50.

The Program Accounting Division of the Office of Financial Management of AID, $277.50; the Rock Creek Lions Club, $320; the Club Americana (their 12th year), $389; friends at the British Embassy, $400; Silver Spring's Fairway Pharmacy, $405; employes of Thrift Oil Co. Inc. in Leonardtown, $452, and $481.50 from the "Command and Control Technical Center elements located in Reston," which brings their 1980-81 total to $3,969.09.

Goddard Space Flight Center's Music and Drama (MAD) Club, $500; the Georgetown University Law Center, $530; Pi, isas, ccisd, seacd, MSG (really!) of Sciences Applications Inc., $600; employes of American Management Systems, $784; the disc jockeys and patrons of Deja Vu, $1,315, and the friendly family of United Air Lines at Washington National and Dulles International Airports, $2,058. What a rundown!

It also appears that Ma Bell has retaken top honors for this year's campaign from the U.S. Navy. Government Communications Units 50 and 51 added $57.86, Network Operations Interoffice Facilities sent in $245, the Training & Development Department anteed up $1,000.78 and AT&T Long Lines DSO/DPC collected $1,050.12. Those late contributions total $2,353.76 and bring the Ma Bell annual figure to $17,118.51, about $570 more than the Navy's total of $16,548.01.

I've always heard that friendly competition was good for business.

As you can see, the period between Jan. 31 and the last trickle from the mail pipeline on Feb. 7 was a very exciting time for me. I really appreciated all the birthday wishes I received, and the contributions for Children's Hospital that accompanied them. And I apologize for this final listing of organizational contributors. Next year, please mail your group letters early so we can give them proper credit and explanation.

The 46 groups mentioned above added $12,756.01 to the individual tally of $6,019.79 for a last day figure of $18,775.80. That brings our final grand total to $217,086.01. We didn't make a new record, but I'm still tremendously pleased. On behalf of myself, Bill Gold, The Washington Post and Children's Hospital, let me express our appreciation and gratitude for each and every contribution.

We'll do it again next year!