The lumbermen were in town recently, at their convention.

These lumbermen, members of the Northeast Lumbermen's Association, are not burly lumberjacks straight from the Maine woods but lumber yard operators, big ones and little ones.

In addition to regular business and lots of top-ranked speakers, they set up their wares: A zillion new products and what's new in building.

One note of caution: While the products mentioned here are available, some of them may not be widely available yet, and manufacturers' addreses are listed, so that information may be requested.

A steel insulated door that the do-it-yourselfer can install himself. These doors have considerable insulation (from inside the steel), eliminating the need for a storm door.

One is made by Stanley Door Systems, 1225 East Mapole Rd., Troy, Mich. 48084; another is made by Benchmark, General Products Co., P.O. Box 887, Fredericksburg, Va. 22401.

"Lightning Fast Insulation Supports," simple wires with pointed ends that can be slipped between basement joints to hold insulation in place, have been around for a while but are not always easy to find. The supports also can hold flexible air ducts in position. They are easier to work with, and cheaper that stapling chicken wire. Wire Products Corp., P.O. Box 5446, Greensboro, N.C. 27403. Free line is 1-800-334-0807.

Stove paint that comes in several colors. All the colors are dark, but withstand heat up to 1200 degrees. In addition to stoves, you can paint insulation board and other materials that protect combustible walls around a stove. The Dampney Co., 85 Paris St., Everett, Mass. 02149.

Skyshades. One of the problems with skylights is trying to shade them and-or keep out the hot sun in the summer. Ventilation will help, and now there are reflective, energy-saving shades. And they will help prevent heat loss at night in winter, too. Wasco Products, Pioneer Avenue, P.O. Box 351, Sanford, Maine 04073.

Wooden shutters have been around a while, mostly with movable slats. A little looking will find you shutters with stationary slats. Now, you can get larger slatted shutters, movable or stationary, in a pretty fair variety of sizes. The large slats give a contemporary look to shutters.

And something new is a trellis shutter, with angled slats criss-crossing each other like, well, a trellis. And even newer is that the slats are movable. Cannon Draft Co., PO Box 558, Sulphur Springs, Tex. 75482.

A clear sealant that is removable. It comes in a caulking cartridge for sealing those drafty windows, but can be removed in the summer. Unfortunately, it cannot be put back into place. 3C Co., Div. of Continental Chemical & Coating Corp., Woburn, Mass. 01801.