The W.C. and A.N. Miller Development Co. says it is temporarily withdrawing its application for zoning changes for a major complex in Spring Valley because of neighborhood questions about the plans.

But the firm indicated that it still intends to build on the 43-acre tract at 49th Street, Dalecarlia Parkway and Massachusetts Avenue NW, where it currently has zoning rights for 207 houses. It was seeking the right to development a complex of 300 houses and a four-story office building.

The Miller firm has owned the site for many years. It wants to build a mix of single, semi-detached and town houses and a 156,000-square-foot retail-commercial building.

Opposition to the development plan was voiced through the Spring Valley Citizens Association and the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3-D. The two groups represent a neighborhood where almost all houses sell for more than $300,000. No price schedule had been announced for the planned houses.

A Miller spokesman said that the rezoning bid was withdrawn during a recent city hearing when it became apparent that the request might be turned down. He said that a meeting now is being set up with the two neighborhood groups "in order for us to know exactly what their objections are."

George Denby, president of the citizens association, said that neighbors are concerned about an increase of residential units from present zoning for 207 detached houses to 300 dwellings even though the ground area to be covered would not change. Denby added that the group hired architect Richard Ridley to review the site plan because of possible problems in building on the rolling tract and the "topographical considerations."

Earlier neighborhood opposition forced the Miller firm to drop its plan to build rental apartments on its tract. Recently, residents of the Northwest area unsuccessfully fought the construction of a high-rise office building on the opposite side of Massachusetts Avenue next to a shopping strip. That office building has been completed on the site of the former Apex theater.