Recent house sales in the District included the following, selected random from date furnished by Rufus S. Lusk & Son, Inc. Northwest

G. Holmes Jr. sold a dwelling at 218 Bates St. for $78,870 to Mr. and Mrs. Emerson R. Hall.

R. G. Shub and others sold a house at 3506 Center St. for $35,000 to Mr. and Mrs. James C. Savage III.

T. P. Turchan Jr. sold a home at 1317 Corcoran St. for $160,000 to Malcolm M. Simmons.

C. Moore sold a residence at 509 Crittenden St. for $75,000 to Johnnie P. and Cheryl D. Battle.

D. W. Carson sold a house at 446 Delafield Place for $58,000 to David S. Schwarz.

H. E. Johnson sold a dwelling at 4732 Ellicott St. for $125,000 to Stephen L. Wilkins and Margaret A. McManus.

R. C. Lyons and others sold a dwelling at 606 Farragut St. for $50,000 to Mae F. Rochester and Marjorie R. Boyd.

R. H. McDermott and others sold a home at 4323 Hawthorne St. for $267,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Bradley R. Schiller.

Mr. and Mrs. L. Worthy sold a home at 412 Ingraham St. for $69,500 to Phyllis Diggs.

V. R. Mahan and others sold a home at 2137 N St. for $193,000 to Anna and Magnus Fajerson.

M. R. Hough sold a residence at 4033 New Hampshire Ave. for $62,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Luis Berrios.

J. Edwards and others sold a dwelling at 3117 Sherman Ave. for $46,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Luis A. Guerrero.

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Folsom sold a home at 919 W St. for $25,000 to Marian L. Stanfield.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Ewing sold a residence at 1925 First St. for $61,000 to Cornelia, Betty J. and Fredricka Feider. Southwest

H. g. fRee, trustee, sold a dwelling at 104 Brandywine Place for $39,500 to Patricia D. Grandy.

C. B. Wynn sold a dwelling at 44 Forrester St. for $52,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Simons. Northeast

Mr. and Mrs. D. Layton sold a house at 1709 C St. for $65,000 to Margaret G. Labat and Robert R. Middleton Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Pannell sold a home at 609 Faraday Place for $46,000 to Louise V. Teneyck.

J. L. Williams sold a dwelling at 4120 Gault Place for $30,000 to Delores S. Southerland.

Mr. and MRS. D. Guyton sold a house at 1804 Lawrence St. for $62,500 to Mr. and Mrs. John W. Helm.

C. A. Paterson sold a home at 1845 N. Capitol St. for $75,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Walton.

Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Robinson sold a house at 2814 Rhose Island Ave. for $62,500 to Castine A. Davis.

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Calomiris sold a home at 122 13th St. for $137,500 to Nancy G. Mattias. Southeast

C. V. Edmondson sold a dwelling at 3117 Alabama Ave. for $65,000 to John Harvey.

G. Quimado sold a home at 701 Bayley Place for $41,500 to Clarence R. Thomas.

P. Gittle sold a dwelling at 4017 E St. for $49,950 to James A. Rush.