Recent condominium resales in Fairfax County included the following, selected at random from information provided by Rufus S. Lusk & Son, Inc.

M. F. Tiemens sold a condo at Fairfax Heritage complex, 4385 Americana Dr., Annandale, for $46,000 to Mr. and Mrs. James A. Raymond.

Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Hertz sold a condo at Heritage Court, 7809 Dassett Ct., Annandale, for $41,000 to Claire L. King.

Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Dempsey III sold a unit at Keene Mill Woods, 6303 Fenestra Ct., Burke, for $76,500 to Lillian J. Johnson.

Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Meadows sold a dwelling at the Lifestyle property, 617 Center St., Herndon, for 42,900 to Lester Zidel.

S. H. Weissbard and other sold a dwelling at The Regency, 1800 Old Meadow Rd., McLean, for $114,000 to Robert W. Hull.

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Woods sold a condo at The Rotunda, 8380 Greensboro Dr., McLean, for $141,000 to Mrs. and Mrs. Fenner K. Hazelgrove.

K. B. Geeslin sold a unit at Southgate, 2014 Colts Neck Rd., Reston, for $43,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Fredette.

Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Zaccarino sold a condo at Timberlane Gardens, 7346 Lee Hwy., Falls Church, for $52,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Yee.

S. D. Eken sold a dwelling at Tivoli Forest, 8509 Barrington Ct., Springfield, for $44,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Anthony V. Anzalone.