A new line of electronic power tools recently introduced by Black & Decker includes a compact, portable electronic drill press that has a built-in microcomputer that provides versatile control features, as well as monitoring the operation of the drill press to keep the user constantly informed through a digital display on the front.

Called the Model 9413 Electronic Drill Press, and priced to sell for about $150, the computer enables the tool to maintain a preselected constant speed under all load conditions. The digital display shows the revolutons per minute, but a touch on the sensor panel and it will show the depth of cut instead, accurate to a tiny fraction of an inch.

An internal circuit also warns if the drill is being overloaded, if if the bit grabs or binds, the circuit will shut the motor off immediately. The computer remembers and displays the speed the drill was running at when it stopped or when last used.

There is also a power-shift control that provides an extra high-torque, low-speed control setting for heavy-duty boring when working with large-diameter bits. Speed can be varied from 499 to 900 revolutions per minute when in the heavy-duty setting and from 1,200 rpm when in the light-duty setting.

The motor is enclosed in a tough plastic housing, and it is double insulated so it requires no grounding. The drill press comes with a 3/8-inch chuck and a zinc-plated steel column with a heavy cast aluminum base. It will drill to the center of a 12-inch circle, has a 10-inch high maximum vertical capacity under the chuck, and includes a steel vice with 3-inch-wide jaws that attaches to the base of the tool. Light Switch Timer

Designed to fit into a standard electrical outlet box of an existing wall switch, the Night Sentry is a solid-state wall switch that also serves as an unusually versatile light timer. It will turn lights on or off automatically as often as 48 times in a single 24-hour period, yet it contains no motor or clock mechanism so it is completely silent in operation and should never require maintenance.

Made by the Dynascan Corp., 6460 W. Cortland St., Chicago, Ill. 60635, this switch-timer is priced to sell at under $25. It can be used as a regular light switch by simply pushing the dial button. This overrides the programmed "memory" without erasing or altering that program.

The Night Sentry can be instantly "programmed" for any desired on-off times, yet changing the program or varying the time settings takes only seconds. In addition, built-in variability automatically turns light on at different times each night to confuse prowlers. It is available in a three-way model, in addition to the usual two-way switch and can be used with any standard or decorator switch plate. Multiple Outlet Box

Thee are many instances when a do-it-yourself finds it advantageous to be able to plug several portable power tools into a single outlet or where it would be convenient to keep several small appliances plugged in so that you won't have to continually pull out one plug when another one is to be inserted.

To solve this problem safely, Cable Electric Products, P.O. Box 6767, Providence, R.I. 02940 has introduced their new Multi-Outlet Power Center that is available in either a 4-outlet or 6-outlet model.

Carrying suggested selling prices of $20.95 and $21.95, respectively, each has a 15-amp overloading, and each is made of rugged ABS plastic to minimize shock hazards and protect against damage. All-Purpose Plastic Fasteners

An unusual all-purpose emergency repair kit that enables the user to make threaded nuts, bolts, and rivets out of plastic when unconventional metal fasteners are not readily available can be a lifesaver for the do-it-yourselfer who is faced with an emergency repair on a weekend or holiday when stores are closed or when miles away from the nearest store.

Called the Rad Fastener Kit, and available by mail for $4.95 from Gama Scientific, P.O. Box 351, Chalmers Boulevard, Amawalk, N.Y. 10501, the kit includes an assortment of short lengths of thermoplastic rod in several diameters, plus a number of blank plastic "nuts" that have no threads.

The plastic has a memory so that when heated it expands. If one of the rods is put inside a metal nut or threaded hole and then heated with a match or lighter, the end of the rod will expand until it fills the nut and form threads that match perfectly. On the other hand, if a blank nut is slid over the end of a metal bolt and heated, it expands to form threads on the inside. In both cases, the threads match the original and you have a custom-made plastic nut or bolt.

To form a head on the bolt, heat the end and it mushrooms. New "Instant" Glue

In recent years cyanoacrylate adhesives -- those "instant" glues that bond firmly after a few seconds when just one drop is applied have become extremely popular for all kinds of home repair and building projects. Clear and water-resistant and capable of withstanding most household chemicals as well as extremes of temperature, most of these adhesives are primarily designed for use on nonporous materials such as metal, glass and cermaics. They do not perform as well on wood, leather and similar porus materials.

To combat this, Borden Chemical, which makes Wonder Bond Plus for use on non porous materials, now makes a new formula called Wonder Bond Plus for wood and leather. Like the regular cyanoarcrylates, it bonds in seconds without need for clamping, dries clear and resists water.