Recent residential sales in the District included the following, selected at random from information furnished by Rufus S. Lusk & Son, Inc.: Northwest

Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Fagen sold a home at 3812 Alton Place for $155,000 to Roger and Judy Halterman.

Mr. and Mrs. C. L. O'Rourke sold a dwelling at 3241 Arcadia Place for $182,500 to Mr. and Mrs. William D. Lynch.

S. T. Habberton sold a dwelling at 3103 Hawthorne St. for $165,000 to Willard H. Mitchell and Margery H. Waxman.

M. E. Brown sold a house at 1415 Longfellow St. for $120,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Archibald R. Pray Jr.

G. P. Farrar and others sold a dwelling at 230 Madison St. for $63,000 to Joyce E. Yarde and Milton V. Mills.

Mr. and Mrs. S. Utley sold a house at 445 Newton Place for $61,000 to Hank P. Albarelli Jr. and Kathleen R. McDonald.

E. R. Kaufmann sold a home at 3063 Oliver St. for $137,500 to Patricia S. and Thomas K. Hannan.

L. C. Russell sold a house at 3240 R. St. for $250,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Gordon.

Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Taylor Jr. sold a house at 5132 Rockwood Pkwy. for $302,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Harper.

C. Saunders and others sold a home at 528 U St. for $32,500 to Mr. and Mrs. John E. Sloane.

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Thomas sold a home at 3235 Walbridge Place for $120,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Calvan.

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Grams sold a house at 2731 Woodley Place for $187,500 to Mr. and Mrs. John D. Runnalls.

D. L. Cherry sold a house at 5703 Fifth St. for $65,000 to Gussie M. Robinson.

Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Honesty sold a home at 2234 13th St. for $46,750 to Robert L. Jones. Southwest

H. G. Free, trustee, sold a dwelling at 82 Brandywine Place for $39,500 to Ella L. Dustan. Northeast

Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Douglas sold a house at 1512 Irving St. for $80,000 to Janice E. Pope, Jeanette Paige and Gary D. Moores.

Mr. and Mrs. M. F. MaCleod sold a house at 1250 Maryland Ave. for $155,000 to Norman J. Rankin.

J. H. Prather and others sold a house at 3138 Monroe St. for $51,950 to Arletha C. Green.

Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Fullerton Jr. sold a home at 112 Third St. for $180,000 to Mr. and Mrs. William E. Cresswell.

W. J. Vernor sold a home at 326 16th St. for $83,750 to Paul A. Lavigne. Southeast

R. L. Person sold a home at 2509 Branch Ave. for $71,000 to Gail M. Hartmann.

A. Peterson and others sold a house at 1457 Congress Place for $38,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Washington.

S. L. Campbell sold a dwelling at 3219 Martin Luther King Ave. for $59,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Ambrose.

J. P. O'Connor sold a dwelling at 3807 First St. for $54,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Allen.