Recent condominium sales in the District of Columbia included the following, selected at random from information furnished by Rufus S. Lusk & Son, Inc.: Northwest

J. E. Anderson and others sold a condo unit at 4000 Beecher St. for $69,900 to Jane M. Couch.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Ross sold a dwelling at 1855 Calvert St. for $97,500 to Geoffrey D. Garin.

Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Heinery sold a condo at 2126 Connecticut Ave. for $150,000 to Abigail Q. McCarthy.

J. Barclift and other sold a condo at 5410 Connecticut Ave. for $85,500 to Susan Gibbs, Herman C. Young and John F. Belz.

David Clark & Associates sold a condo at 1440 N St. for $41,850 to Joyce E. Palmer.

Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Oertel sold a unit at 2801 New Mexico Ave. for $193,000 to Barbara J. Nevin. Southwest

Persicon Enc. sold a condo at 1425 Fourth St. for $55,800 to Wilbur J. Coleman and Laverne Johnson.

R. Y. Cannady sold a dwelling at 700 Seventh St. for $65,000 to William C. Davis. Northeast

N. Capitol Associates sold a dwelling at 3081 Hawthorne Dr. for $96,000 to Day, Margarett P. and J. C. Lassister Jr.

Ft. Lincoln New Town Corp. sold a dwelling at 3152 Banneker Dr. for $73,900 to Mr. and Mrs. Archie D. Williams. Southeast

Kentucky Avenue Associates sold dwelling at 233 Kentucky Ave. for $62,000 to Gaye L. Hume.