"(Crackle, crackle) Come in, Cessna 4924, come in."

"This is Cessna 4924. Yes, Martha?"

"Harold, park your plane in the garage. Dinner is ready. Over and out."

Two developers in Martin County, Fla., are offering a new twist on residential construction: Estates with a private landing strip.

For flight buffs who like to spin among ther cumulous close to home, Mark I. Lurie and Herbert W. Biggs are offering five-acre lots in Martin County for $85,000 each.

You build the house and, if you please, an attached hanger large enough for your private airplane, car and golf cart. The developers pave the 2,600-foot airstrip and a runway to each doorstep.

Lest the glare of the runway lights at night disturb the osprey and blue heron that frequent the undeveloped area, however, the pair has rigged the runway with lights that pilots activate in their cockpits as they are decending.

The residnetial park, put on the market in March, has already sold 18 lots, mostly to wealthy private pilots who "love nature," says marketing director Gerry Gray.

Located four miles west of the Florida Turnpike in south Martin County, the area is better known for its osprey, blue heron, wild boar and armadillo.