Recent acreage and estate sales in Loudoun County included the following, selected at random from data furnished by Deed Fax, a Manassas realty publishing firm.

Consolidated Dairy Farms, Inc. sold a group of properties containing 1,800 acres on the road from Point of Rocks to Noland's Ferry, for $5 million to Washington-Virginia Traditional Development Sites, Inc.

International Pavilion Co. sold a 475-acre property on Rte. 15, Leesburg for $1.7 million to Beus, N.V.

Paul M. Marriott sold a 118-acre tract on Rte. 50, two miles west of Middleburg, for $806,000 to Melissa M. Cantacuzene.

Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Dykes sold a 175-acre property on Rte. 598, near Waterford, for $486,000 to Atlantic Coast Properties, N.V.

F. R. Henderson Jr. sold a property with 83 acres in three tracts on Rte. 673, Lovettsville district, for $361,000 to Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Conger.

Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Lloyd III sold two tracts on Rtes 622 and 746, with 33 acres, Mercer and Mt. Gilead districts, for $525,000 to Kathryn Lee Quarles.

Rose Marie Bogley sold a property in Village Hamlet, Middleburg, for $160,000 to Lucy P. Burwell.

Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Alward sold a 233-acre parcel, Broad Run district, for $457,500 to FPS Property Analysis & Development Co.

National Birchwood Corp. sold a group of lots, a parcel, plus 48 acres in Cardin Glen, Broad Run district, for $817,800 to B. M. Fried, trustee.

Catherine W. Brown sold a property with eight acres on Rte. 50 near Arcola, for $270,000 to Housing America, Inc.

William M. Bechtold, trustee, sold a 110-acre parcel on Rte. 606, Broad Run district, for $362,650 to L. A. Wong and others.

Mr. and Mrs. Parrish sold a property with 82 acres on Rte. 743, Mercer district, for $350,000 to Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Seymour Jr.

C. T. du Pont, trustee, sold a 17-acre tract on Rte. 50, Middleburg, for $265,000 to D. G. Ball.

Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Pinder sold a 16-acre property on Waterford Rd., Jefferson district, for $159,500 to Diane L. Thompson.

W. G. Brundige, trustee, sold a 17-acre tract on Rte. 743 known as "Woodside," Mercer district, for $244,350 to Sophie J. Englehard.

Mr.a nd Mrs. W. E. Gahlberg sold a 62-acre property on Rte. 619, Mercer district, for $343,400 to Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Coppola.