A Fortune at Your Feet, by A. D. Kessler (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 276 pages, $10.95) may be the bible for disciples of creative real estate. It contains the innovataive problem-solving ideas of A. D. Kessler, one of their key leaders. Kessler publishes Creative Real Estate magazine and annually sponsors a huge Las Vegas real estate Expo for creative real estate practitioners.

Explanations of creative real estate principles get the book off to a good start, but it really picks up speed after the first 50 pages. To make things interesting, Kessler liberally spices the book with stories of his many realty transactions.

If the book has a weakness, it is that these stories paint broad strokes but lack explanations of the how-to-do-it details which are vital to creative realty transactions. Perhaps Kessler's next book will go into greater detail on how some of his creative ideas work in actual transactions.

The book can't be called "inspirational," but it is filled with Kessler's philosophy of win-win. That means both parties to a real estate transaction must benefit, although in different ways, of course.

This book won't make its readers experts on creative real estate techniques.

But it is an excellent introduction for real estate buyers and sellers not familiar with creative nontraditional realty ideas.