The Virginia State Corporation Commission has denied an emergency rate increase for Reston Lake Ann Air Conditioning Corp., saying it was "gravely concerned with the quality of the company's service and management."

The company, which provides chilled water through lines to town houses and apartments in the Northern Virginia development, was directed to file its records, engineering reports and other data with the commission and to provide in writing other information that the SCC staff might request.

Reston hd sought a temporary emergency incrase that would have raised monthly residential rates to $19.34 from the present $16.67, and commercial rates from $26.61 to $30.87.

Reston's present rates were set on May 15, 1980, on an interim basis. The commission said at that time that the rates could be justified at a later hearing based on a full test year. When the company filed again in April, it sought an additional $56,000, saying it had lsot more than $54,000 in 1980. The commission has not yet set a public hearing on the prmanent rate application because the company on several occasions said it planned to revise the application.

The SCC said the dompanHs financial difficulty was brought on by its owna ctions and was not unforeseen.