Recent residential and investment property sales in Fauquier County include the following, selected at random from date received from Deed Fax, a Manassas realty publishing firm:

Edith Ann Wolff sold a 15-acre property on Rte. 602, seven miles east of Warrenton, for $ 173,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lukeman.

Barbara L. Manning and others sold a 14-acre tract on Rte. 605, Cedar Run district, for $ 150,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Jerry T. Beghardt.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace M. Raabe sold a 17-acre parcel off Rte. 676, Springdale subdivision, Cedar Run district, for $ 162,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Leonard.

Fairfax Theatre Corp. sold a property with 15 acres on Bear Wallow Road, Warrenton, for $ 250,000 to R. L. Rider and Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Bartolini sold a property at 100 Culpeper St., Warrenton, for $ 244,900 to F. W. Schell and others.

The estates of Esther William Stone sold a two-acre parcel at 185 Winchester St., Warrenton, for $ 146,000 to Madeleine D. Drydale.

Mr. and Mrs. Norris L. Beard sold a 35-acre property on Rte. 687, near Opel, for $ 150,000 to Deborah K. Wagner and others.

Mr. and Mrs. Edmond A. Potter sold a 23-acre tract on Rte. 712, Scott district, for $ 410,000 to E. A. J. Large.

The trustees of Princeton University sold a property with 104 acres, near Rectortown, for $ 496,698 to Charles T. Berry Jr.