The first week of our Children's Hospital fund-raising campaign is history, and the totals are gratifying.

We raised $5,054 in the seven days since the bell rang. That total was donated by five organizations and 90 private individuals. When it is added to the $1,809.31 given by 15 organizations and 18 individuals between the end of last year's campaign and the beginning of this year's, the numbers read like this:

Grand total to date: $6,863.31.

Donations from individuals: 108.

Donations from organizations: 20.

Nice as those numbers may look, the rate of donations is considerably behind last year's rate. We need to average about $4,000 in donations each day to exceed last year's total of $217,086.01. At the moment, our rate is less than one-fourth of that.

It's way too soon to be pushing the panic button. But it's not too soon to urge those of you who haven't given to do so. Remember that Children's never turns away a patient, regardless of race, creed or ability to pay. It's up to us to keep the hospital at the level to which we've grown accustomed.