The owners association of the Hallmark condominium in Alexandria has filed suit for the second time in three years against Parkway Associates Ltd., the project's developer, for alleged structural and mechanical deficiencies in the 220-unit, 15-story high-rise at 200 N. Pickett St.

The suit, filed last week in Alexandria Circuit Court, also charges the developer with reponsibility for numerous violations of state building codes. The unit owners are seeking $1.75 million in damages.

A detailed list of the alleged defects was compiled in 1979 by the engineering firm of Dewberry, Nealon and Davis at the request of the Hallmark Condominium Unit Owners Association. The firm's findings cited in the lawsuit include problems involving:

* Heating and air-conditioning.

* Swimming pool design and installation.

* Construction of walls, floors, overhead doors and columns in the garage.

The owners have replaced the swimming pool and corrected some defects in the building, where units sell for between $56,000 and $100,000.

A similar suit, filed by Hallmark owners in late 1979, was dismissed early last year by Circuit Court Judge Wiley Wright, who said the group had no legal standing to bring suit under Virginia law, according to Parkway's attorney Joseph O'Malley. The decision was appealed to the Virginia Supreme Court by Thomas & Sewell, attorneys for the owners; the court has agreed to review the case.

The new suit was filed under provisions of a 1981 amendment to an existing state law which the owners' attorneys believe gives clear standing to the group. O'Malley said Tuesday that Parkway "has not been served yet" with notice of the new complaint.

Parkway, a Virginia corporation, was formed by First Mortgage Corp. of Falls Church, First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Alexandria, First Empire Realty Credit Corp. of New York and Hamilton Investment Trust of New Jersey, which are also named as defendants in the suit.