Recent residential condominum sales in Prince George's County include the following, selected at random from information gathered by Rufus S. Lusk & Son Inc.:


R. H. Randolph sold a condominium at 11224 Cherry Hill Rd. for $38,000 to Jean G. Johnson placed a mortgage for $37,000 at 13 percent for 20 years. M. M. Dykes sold a condominum at 4507 Romlon St. for $35,000 in cash to Maria D. Boyce.


Hunting Ridge Limited Partnership sold a condominum at 6912 Hanover Parkway for $38,314 in cash to Mr. and Mrs. John H. Shupp.


Oglethorpe House Association Limited Partnership sold a condominum at 4410 Oglethorpe St. for $30,140 to Rose M. Driscoll and others. Steed Mortgage Co. placed two notes, one for $22,600 and one for $6,000, both for three years.


Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Lynch sold a condominum at 11474 Laurelwalk Dr. for $40,000 in cash to Mr. and Mrs. Volker Rast.

Temple Hills

J. T. Carey sold a condominium at 3130 Brinkley Rd. for $24,500 to Robert L. Campbell. Cameron-Brown Clark sold a condominium at 3103 Good Hope Ave. for $26,000 to Larry Adams. The seller took back a note for $2,950 at percent for five years. The buyer assumed a trust of $21,350.