The General Services Administration expects to triple the $54.23 million it has collected this fiscal year from the sale of federal land by selling just 11 more properties. The total includes 144 competitive-bid sales and 23 negotiated sales.

Although the land sales program will likely sell many more specific properties through the rest of fiscal 1983, these "high-value" parcels are consuming much of the time and energy of GSA's strained, and understaffed, federal land sales team.

Heading the list of high-value properties is the Chet Holifield Federal Office Building in Laguna Niguel, Calif. -- built, but never fully occupied. It has become a port barrel landmark, and GSA's assistant commissioner for real property, Earl E. Jones, wants to unload it by June. Negotiations are ongoing with Orange County, with the price estimated at near $50 million.

The other high-value properties include:

* A Navy fuel storage facility at Catano, P.R., and the Ramey Air Force Housing units at Aguadilla, P.R. Those properties, valued at more than $30 million, are being sold to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in a negotiated sale.

* An old U.S. Coast Guard transmitter site on a point of land on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, is expected to net more than $20 million if the government is lucky in a bid-opening scheduled for May 26.

* The old U.S. Assay Building in New York City, until last year a gold bullion depository and a storehouse for scrap coins, will be sold at an auction on July 20. The building is worth more than $10 million.

* In Oklahoma, a government-owned electrical system is being purchased by a cooperative utility. Price range: $9 million-plus. Negotiations are expected to be completed by July.

* In Washington state, state officials want an old federal prison at McNeil Island as a state prison. Negotiations, expected to be completed this month, are near the $9 million mark.

* In Los Angeles, a Federal Aviation Administration facility is up for sale, with bids set to be opened June 22. Estimated take: $6 million plus.

* In Southern California, the City of San Diego wants an old U.S. Bureau of Prisons site at Camp Elliot, near San Diego, for a local jail. Negotiations began last month, and the government should earn about $5 million.

* In Shelby, Ohio, an old GSA federal supply depot is on the block. Estimated value: $3 million.

* In Boston, a Navy annex worth more than $3 million is going on the block soon. MUSEUMS HELD UP . . . The deadline for bids on a multi-million-dollar underground Smithsonian Institution museum building that will house the Center for African, Near Eastern and Asian Cultures has been delayed a second time, to Tuesday. James Stewart, GSA's regional repair and alterations chief, said the design of the so-called Quadrangle Building has changed slightly, forcing amendments to the invitation for bids.

"We'll probably award a contract within a month of the bid opening," Stewart said confidently. FAST FOOD . . . Plans for fast-food restaurants and other specialty shops in the Agriculture Department's Auditors Building are in limbo, although James G. Whitlock, regional public buildings commissioner, said he would like to revive them. A three-year-old study recommended using the Auditor's Building as "cooperative use space" with the private sector, but those plans were held up and finally scrapped because two of the "outbuildings" in the Auditor's complex are to be turned into a Holocaust Memorial.

"I hope they don't send me that idea -- I don't like it," said Public Buildings Commissioner Richard O. Haase . . . Meanwhile, GSA is continuing to work on the renovation and reopening of the old Pension Building at 5th and G Sts. NW as cooperative-use space. THEY DID GOOD . . . For its "outstanding leadership and achievement in preservation" work in restoring the old Post Office at 12th and Pennsylvania Ave. NW, GAS has received a certificate of commendation from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The building, now being filled with federal offices, will open dozens of specialty shops, restaurants and fast-foot stands in its Pavillion in September. WHAT'S NEXT . . . The portion of GSA that is trying to outlease unneeded space in federally owned and government-leased buildings has three new offerings this week:

* 1,000 square feet of retail office space in the Vanguard Building, 111 20th St. N.W.

* 135 parking spaces in a lot at 1st and E Sts. NW near Union Station. Bids are due June 10.

* 5,535 square feet of storage space at the Nassif Building, 400 7th St. SW. Bids are due June 8.