United Press International has leased nearly 30,000 square feet of office space for its world headquarters in a new building on the edge ofh Street porno district.

The financially ailing news service's new owners have been reorganizing and expand5 UPI news editors and reporters, and photo and broadcast staff members will move out of the National Press Building to two floors of the new building, according to William K. Adler, UPI director of information. An as-yet-undetermined number of staff members from the agency's international and general desks in New York also will move into the Washington office, Adler said.

Developers of the building, a team of the city's most successful real estate investors, had sought tenants for months, with little success. The 12-story structure at the corner of 14th and I Sts. NW neared completion early this year when office vacancy rates reached historic highs.

Adler said the building owners "have been extremely accommodating" on facilities it agreed to build for UPI. The building will be named for the news service. "It's yet, but the name . . . will be something like UPI World Headquarters Building or the UPI Building," Adler saidisturbed by the nearby porno clubs, and believes that new development will soon upgrade the neighborhood, he n building contains 154,000 square feet of office space and 10,000 square feet of retail space. The development team includes developer Melvin Lekin and his son, Edward, attorney Robert Linowes, Smithy Braedon President Jim Eichburg, and architect Arthur Cotton Moore, who designed the building.

Beckman and Farmer, a Washington law firm, leased 11,400 square feet in the building after being given "a very good very competitive rent," said David Kirstein, a spokesman for the firm.