In a surprise move late this week, a member of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors said she would ask developers of the mammoth 107-acre Tysons II development in Northern Fairfax to defer their presentation to the county's planning commission for three weeks.

Dranesville Supervisor Nancy Falck said she would ask H-L Land Improvements Venture and Tysons II Development Co. to postpone public hearings before the planning board on their proposed development until Oct. 4.

Falck said the delay was needed to give her time to get answers to questions she had posed this week to other property owners in the Tysons Corner area. The Tysons II project is in Falck's magisterial district but borders on two other districts, and approval of Tysons II could set a precedent for future zoning decisions in three Fairfax districts.

"I have had several meetings this week and made some additional requests of property owners in the Tysons area," Falck said. She said the deferral would give her and the county planning staff time to "get some more answers."

Falck also has been meeting with county staff members during the week on the project. Her announcement of the deferral request came just before the Fairfax County planning staff was expected to release its official recommendations on the project, which is proposed for a 107-acre tract across Dolley Madison Boulevard west of Tysons Corner shopping center.

The proposal was to go before the Planning Commission for public hearings Thursday. Developers, who had not been informed of the request as of press time, have said several times that they did not want to defer action on the proposal because they feared they might lose major anchor tenants for the proposed shopping mall.

"The whole thing probably stands a better chance of passing if the county can buy a little time," said one local developer who asked not to be identified.

Some residents of neighborhoods near the site had complained that most of the public discussions on the giant complex had been held during the summer months while many people were away from home.

Falck has hosted three town meetings on the Tysons II project during which developers and their representatives, county planning staff members and state highway officials discussed the project and answered questions from area residents.

Falck said she would call another town meeting this fall if "there is information of interest" but wouldn't hold meetings "just to be holding meetings."