Appeals to maintain the rural quality of the lifestyle in a single-family neighborhood near Frying Pan Park south of Herndon won over members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors this week.

Residents of the Floris Lane-West Ox Road area, where 2-acre lots primarily dominate the scene, asked the board to reject an appeal from a neighbor who was seeking to rezone his 6-acre home site from R-1, which permits one home per acre, to R-3, which permits three houses per acre. The board agreed that the lot should stay one acre and voted to deny the application filed by Thomas E. and Paula R. Runion.

Thomas Runion told the board he was asking for the rezoning after looking at the county's comprehensive land-use plan and finding that he thought he could subdivide his property into lots on an R-3 basis. His plan called for a total of 15 lots at the corner of Floris Lane and West Ox Road in the Spring Lake area.

Margaret Peck, a longtime resident of Floris Lane, asked the board to remember that residents of her neighborhood had agreed to denser zoning on three sides of a lake that is the focal point of the community after being assured that lots along Floris Lane would remain two acres.

Another resident said properties are "landscaped in a natural manner" that is not compatible with denser zonings.

"Help us keep Floris where we can live and have a horse," asked one resident. "My family came to Floris in 1742. I am an eighth-generation Fairfax resident," explained one resident, who asked that the change be denied.

"My family was a victim of the condemnation suit for Dulles airport, and that's when we found our home on Floris Lane," said one woman who also asked the board "to save this small development from house saturation."