The Hadid Investment Group of Rosslyn has asked the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and the planning commission to delay until January any action on its proposed 25-story hotel for the 12-acre site now occupied by Koons Pontiac on the Leesburg Pike, west of Tysons Corner shopping center.

Keith Martin, attorney for the giant proposal, said this week that the proposal "has not been withdrawn," in spite of rumors to the contrary. However, a Hadid spokesman did confirm that the firm had requested the deferral.

Several times in recent months, the Fairfax Plannning Commission was ready to hold public hearings on the proposal, but each time the Hadid Group asked for a delay.

The plan for the towering hotel has come under attack from the McLean Citizens Association, but the project lies within the Centerville magisterial district, and not within the Dranesville district, of which McLean is a part.

Thus, there is concern in the community that the project really does not fall within the jurisdiction of action by McLean citizens group. The neighborhoods to be more directly affected by the project, one citizen said, all have Vienna addresses.

However, some of those groups, including the Wolf Trap Woods Citizens Association, participate in the McLean association activities, even though they are on the south side of the Leesburg Pike.

In spite of rumors that the project is being revised to include more than one building, but with fewer stories, several Tysons Corner area developers this week said they doubted that the Hadid group would back away from its request for the 25-story structure.

Michael Hadid, a McLean resident and native of Arlington, said several weeks ago that he planned to stick with his plans for the large building.

"There are lots of potential tenants that are interested in the site, if Hadid can get sufficient height to make the site a true landmark in the Tysons Corner area," said one Tysons developer who asked not to be identified.

"If he goes for less height, then he might be able to get from the county in exchange for, say, some road improvements or open space, then he may lose those tenants who are seeking a landmark location . . . ," he said.

A recent study of the height of existing structures in the Tysons Corner area produced by Fairfax County Executive J. Hamilton Lambert targeted the Koons site as a possible location for a tall building, a "gateway" or landmark at Tysons.

The Hadid Group purchased the Koons site almost a year ago from the family of the late John Koons Sr., who headed what became an empire of car dealerships in the region. The site is east of the 22-story Sheraton hotel now under construction on the same side of the Leesburg Pike.

Immediately to the west is a new office building which is being jointly developed by TK Donohue and the Hadid Group. That building is almost ready for occupancy.

The Hadid site is currently still occupied by Koons Pontiac. A new facility for that dealership is almost finished at the site of JKJ Chevrolet at the intersection of the Leesburg Pike and Chain Bridge Road.

JKJ Chevrolet is owned by John Koons, brother of Joe Koons, owner of Koons Pontiac.