Halfway through our 1984-84 fund-raising campaign on behalf of Children's Hospital, we're in pretty good shape. But we could be in better shape, and I hope we will be once the usual pre-Christmas deluge hits.

It's a well-established fact that the mail carrier hates us here in Moneyland. Just as the tidal wave of Christmas cards begins to slacken, and he or she gets a chance to take a deep breath, contributions to our campaign begin to swell. At least they have in the past, as offices pass the hat at Christmas parties and as families discover a few bucks they didn't spend on presents.

Here's hoping that history repeats, and that my mailbox is full over the next few days. If you readers don't fill it, no one else will.

Oh, yes. The fourth week numbers. They are:

Grand total to date: $123,461.39.

Total given this week: $45,736.95.

Individual donors to date: 2,333.

Group donors to date: 206.

By way of comparison, our grand total last year at this time was $113,518.30. So we're running somewhat ahead of the pace we have to beat.

But somewhat isn't good enough. Please remember that sick kids depend on you and your checkbook. Children's Hospital will heal those kids -- but only if you help.


Make a check or money order payable to Children's Hospital and mail it to Bob Levey, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C. 20071.

Hats off to Marlo Furniture owner Lou Glickfield and his staff. Before a sale earlier this month, Lou told his salespeople that if they'd forgo half of their commissions that day, he'd match them 2 for 1 and turn the whole pot over to the hospital. They did and he did. The bottom line read $10,230. Nice work.

Work that could have been nicer: In Thursday's column, the name of Dr. Kathryn Hammock was misspelled. Sorry, doc, and thanks to all the callers (many of them parents of former Hammock patients) who pointed out the error.

Time to do the Christmas bidding of a Woodbridge woman who signs herself Big Sis.

David Hawkins is her Little Bro, and "David always makes donations to any charities involved with children," writes his sister. This year, however, David is on assignment in Australia for the federal government, from which it's a little tough (and a little costly) to send checks. So Big Sis (who is really Mindy Folks) has given $25 in David's name, and asks me to take note.

Done, Mindy. David'll love you for it. Me, too.

Groups, groups, groups. They've all contributed to the campaign over the last few days:

The "Citizens of Homestead Place," a street in Springfield ($20).

The employes of the mail equipment shops at U.S. Postal Service headquarters ($230).

Freshman homeroom 135 at De Matha High School in Hyattsville ($25, at the urging of their teacher, Morgan Wootten, who's no slouch as the De Matha basketball coach, either. Way to urge, coach).

The Women's Republican Club of Silver Spring ($35).

And the U-11 Coffee Mess at the Naval Surface Weapons Center in White Oak.

Well done, gang. Thanks to each of you.