An Arlington realty company and a McLean developer plan to build a hotel, office, retail and condominium complex in the middle of McLean's central business district.

Robert Young, a commercial and residential builder, and George H. Rucker Realty Corp. have acquired a 107,000-square-foot site at the intersection of Old Dominion Drive and Poplar Place, where they plan to build the complex as a joint venture.

The sale price was not disclosed.

Most of the remaining land available to developers in the core of McLean already is occupied, or isn't large enough to accommodate such a project.

Young said he and his partner hope that the complex will include a hotel, a facility that many business leaders often have said is badly needed in McLean, a busy, affluent suburb that is close to the bustling Tysons Corner area.

"We are hopeful of bringing it all together," Young said.

The development also could include condominiums on top of a four- or five-story office building that would be erected adjacent to the hotel.

Street-level space in the office building would be set aside for retail shops.

The idea of combining residential with retail or office space has been supported by factions of the McLean business community for several years but this is the first specific proposal for a project.

The proposed hotel would include McLean's first conference center.

"We believe that the McLean area still does not have that attractive focus point . This is one of the few properties with enough mass to it for it to make a statement," said David Dodrill, Rucker's executive vice president.

Young said he has already bought out the lease on a warehouse on the tract that was occupied by AT&T. He is building a 43,000-square-foot office building at the corner of Ingleside Avenue and Poplar Place, next to the property purchased for the proposed complex.

The hotel project would share the office building's underground parking.

This could prove to be a major factor, because the question of whether there is sufficient parking is expected to become an issue if developers seek approval to increase the hotel project's height from current limits.

Young said he plans "no great increase" in height from other buildings in the McLean area, most of which have four, five or six stories.

Young said he will take his proposal to the powerful McLean Citizens Association and other citizen groups.

"We hope they will like the idea of the hotel," he said.

"We do not exactly know what the site will take at this point, and we want to know what the community wants before details are finalized." Young said.