After consolidating five parcels of land and working with residents of nearby neighborhoods, NVLand Inc. Monday won approval for a 107-acre cluster subdivision on the south side of Pohick Road in the Fairfax Station area.

The Fairfax Board of Supervisors approved the development, which is actually the expansion of an existing 20-acre development already under construction, according to NVLand spokesman David Flannigan.

"We have been working with citizens of nearby developments for three or four months and have been involved in developing the plan for over a year," Flannigan said late this week. There were major environmental issues to be resolved.

The approved plan calls for construction of 82 homes clustered on the site which includes two major stream valley enviromental areas. Because of the potential environmental problems, cluster development was considered the best use of the site. The site is surrounded primarily by single family detached homes.

The development, to be known as Fairfax Station East, will include homes in the $180,000 to $200,000 price range.

The plan was approved after the county planning staff attached several development conditions including protection for the stream valleys. More than 30 percent of the site will be left in open space and major portions of the stream valley areas will be dedicated to the Fairfax County Park Authority.

In addition to the environmental problems, there were traffic problems involving access to the site from Route 123. Citizens in the Fair Woods area did not want a connector road from the new development through their neighborhood, according to the staff report.

"Citizens were concerned about traffic. We have gone through two plans" to solve the problems, said an attorney representing NVLand. The plan approved will have a density of 0.6 units per acre, according to Flannigan.