I don't believe in magic, but I certainly believe in omens. We've just added up the first week's totals for our 1985-86 Children's Hospital fund-raising campaign, and we are staring at the biggest, fattest omen you've ever seen.

We have just raised the largest amount of money ever raised in the first week of any Children's campaign -- and that spans 37 of them. The totals look like this:

Grand total to date: $32,023.99.

Individual donors to date: 335.

Group donors to date: 67.

Last year at the same time, the comparable totals were $20,772.36, 393 and 46. Seven weeks later, we had turned in a record year. Could we be en route to another? Well, let's just say that the omens have never looked better.

But as any race horse can tell you -- not to mention any human who has ever bet on one -- a fast start does not guarantee a winning finish. Only you readers can get us to the wire in record style, by giving generously to help kids whose families can't afford the cost of medical care.

Let's make the omens come true in 1985-86. Here's how: TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE CAMPAIGN:

Make a check or money order payable to Children's Hospital and mail it to Bob Levey, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., 20071.

Donation of the week comes from The Bomstein/Gura Agency -- or, more precisely, from its clients and associates, who know a good cause and a good party when they see one.

BGA is a local advertising and public relations company whose president, Howard Bomstein, likes to do things in style. He was at his stylish best when it came time to mark BGA's ninth anniversary.

More than 500 people gathered at the Sheraton Washington Hotel on the evening of Nov. 15. Howard provided nothing but the best eats and drinks. But the topper -- pun intended -- was the entertainment.

Howard hired The Four Tops, one of the best-known pop music acts in the country. When the Tops had finished strutting their stuff, there wasn't a long face in the joint.

The party might have ended right about then. This one didn't. At Howard's suggestion, the hat was passed for the benefit of Children's. The hospital benefited mightily -- to the tune of $6,075.

Huge thanks to Howard, BGA and everyone who was at the Nov. 15 shebang. My kind of party. My kind of generosity.

Group donors to our campaign:

The Northern Virginia Bridge Association ($75, and thanks to Charlanne Gregory and Doug Grove).

The Womens Social Club of Deale, Md. ($25).

Gen. Vicente Lim Auxiliary to Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 5471 ($25).

Employes of Northrop Services, Inc., Arlington Operations ($50 from the coffee mess).

One on One Connections of Washington ($10).

Office of Information, Mine Safety and Health Administration, U.S. Department of Labor ($60).

The Bel Pre Dolphins Swim Team of Wheaton ($366.81).

Staffers at the Washington branch office of the International Labor Organization ($100).

And the staff of the Agricultural Duplicating Service, Cooperative Extension Service, University of Maryland ($31).

Many thanks, one and all.