The Rockville Housing Authority is looking for former tenants of the David Scull Courts and Lincoln Terrace low-income housing projects who may have repair or legal fees due them as a result of the recent settlement of a class-action suit.

Housing authority director Sandra Crewe said more than half of the estimated 130 tenants who have lived in the projects between Jan. 1, 1982, and the present may be entitled to some form of reimbursement, typically between $80 and $100.

The suit, filed by a group of tenants, charged that the housing authority had in some cases levied excessive late fees for overdue rent or made tenants pay legal fees that were not court-ordered. It also charged that some tenants were evicted without due notice.

Crewe said the practices stopped when she assumed the director's job last year, but the suit was not settled until this fall.

She said 80 current tenants will receive about $7,000 in rental credits that they can apply toward their December rent as a result of the settlement.

Crewe said she has employed a tenant with accounting experience to review the records of past residents.

"We hope to have those accounts finished by the end of December and will then try to locate the people affected," she said.