Here is an excerpt from the bylaws of one of the condominiums at the Leisure World community in Silver Spring. This sentence contains 307 words. It was written by the developer's lawyer:

Section 1. Architectural and Environmental Control Committee. Except for the construction of the condominium by the Declarant or its agents and any improvement to any condominium unit or to the common elements accomplished concurrently with said original construction, and except for purposes of proper maintenance and repair or as otherwise in the Condominium Act or these By-Laws provided, it shall be prohibited for any unit owner to install, erect, attach, apply, paste, hinge, screw, nail, build, alter, remove or construct any lighting, shades, screens, awnings, patio covers, decorations, fences, walls, aerials, antennas, radio or television broadcasting or receiving devices, slabs, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, patios, balconies, porches, driveways, walls or to make any change or otherwise alter (including any alteration in color) in any manner whatsoever the exterior of any condominium unit or upon any of the common elements within the project or to combine or otherwise join two or more condominium units, or to partition the same after combination, or to remove or alter any window or exterior doors of any condominium unit, or to make any change or alteration within any condominium unit which will alter the structural integrity of any building or otherwise affect the property interest or welfare of any other unit owner, materially increase the cost of operating or insuring the condominium or impair any easement, until the complete plans and specifications, showing the location, nature, shape, change (including, without limitation, any other information specified by the Board of Directors or its designated committee) shall have been submitted to and approved in writing as to safety, the effect of any such alterations on the costs of maintaining and insuring the condominium and harmony of design, color and location in relation to surrounding structures and topography, by the Board of Directors of the Council of Unit Owners, or by an Architectural and Environmental Control Committee designated by the Board of Directors.