DOVER, DEL. -- A handful of neighbors of the Delaware state government's guest house are protesting its historically correct paint job.

Seventeen people signed a petition to Gov. Michael N. Castle complaining about the Victorian colors painted on Hall House, next to the governor's mansion in Dover.

The all-white home, built in the 1860s, is being painted Rookwood Red, Renwick Gold and Downing Sand. When the job is completed soon, the home will be a buff color, trimmed in dark red and a dark mustard.

"The color scheme duplicates the historic colors utilized during that time frame from 1860 to 1870 on Victorian homes and are appropriate for this area," said George P. Donnelly, director of the Division of Facilities Management.

Donnelly said the Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs said the colors were "appropriate and accurate for a historical home in this area."

But Aaron Knopf, who lives across the street, said the combination of colors is "absolutely grotesque.

"I don't complain about much. But it's almost obnoxious. It's going to be a circus," he said.

Publicity over the dispute also has brought out the lovers of Victorian colors.

"Since the media attention, we have received in excess of 35 pro comments concerning the color scheme of Hall House," Donnelly said.

Castle, meanwhile, said he wants to be a good neighbor.

"I don't think it's bad. It's a Victorian replication as I understand it, and it's not done yet so we'll see ... . We just want to accommodate," Castle said.