William and Pamela Bailey had a nice pool in the back yard of their Kenwood home. It was great for their five children, their kids' friends and the couple's frequent guests.

The couple loved their "family-friendly neighborhood" and the fact that their house backed onto woods and sat on a one-way street with very little traffic.

The only problem--and it was a big one--was that the back yard wasn't well connected to the house.

"The only way to get there was through the kitchen, down some stairs around the side of the house," said William Bailey, a legislative lawyer. "There was also an exit through the basement up some stairs, but that wasn't functional. The layout just didn't facilitate people coming and going from the outside to the inside, and the light coming from the back was severely limited."

So they basically re-did the main living floor and added a 3,000-square-foot two-tiered deck to the rear of the house, using Bethesda-based Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

"We changed the kitchen to a family room, changed the original dining room to an expanded kitchen, changed the living room to an expanded dining room and changed a screened porch to a large expanded living room opening out onto a screened porch," he said.

So now the family room, the kitchen, the dining room and the new screened porch all face the back yard through banks of windows. And they have easy accessibility to the pool and backyard area.

Under the screened porch, Case also created a two-car garage for the Baileys.

Oh yes, and they closed a study off the kitchen, converted a full bath to a half bath and put in lots of glass opening out onto the deck.

All this cost somewhere around $300,000 in 1994. But they're sure it was worth every dime.

"We absolutely love it," he said. "We pinch ourselves every time we come in.

"And there is no question we could recoup that money," he said. "Even though we are never moving."

CAPTION: Before (This photo was not available)


PROJECT: Complete rehaul of main living area, new screened porch, two-tiered deck, garage, expanded kitchen and more.

BALLPARK PRICE: $300,000 (in 1994).

REMODELER: Case Design/Remodeling Inc.

THE OWNERS SAY: "We pinch ourselves every time we walk in."