How do the rich want agents to market their houses?

The same as the rest of us, and then some, according to research by Unique Homes magazine, a bimonthly in its 35th year that is sold in more than 80 countries, and the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, a Dallas-based company.

According to the two groups' most recent survey, the super rich "not only have very specific needs and wants when looking for a home or homes, . . . they also know what they want in a marketing plan when the time comes to sell one of them."

The survey of affluent households that own at least one home valued at $2.5 million or more found:

* 89 percent say listing in the multiple listing service is the most essential tool.

* 86 percent want a full-color property brochure.

* 81 percent want a special open house for agents who work the luxury home market.

* 53 percent want ads in luxury home magazines and Internet listings with multiple images. If you add a "virtual tour" on the Internet, the number jumps to 61 percent.

* Newspaper display ads were favored over classified ads, 31 percent to 11 percent.

* 17 percent thought "just listed" postcards were helpful

* Only 6 percent opted for a sign in the front yard.

And where would the rich likely look first for a house if they were buying and not selling? Someplace near the water. More than half of the luxury home-owners surveyed in the November 2003 study described their current homes as being "waterfront or water view."

Most of those surveyed, about 70 percent, said they own more than one personal residence, with 27 percent owning three or more. More than a third said they also own other residential real estate for investment.